provided with 1,000,000 Rubles

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BLOCKNOTEs are a Native Tockens on Cardano Blockchain.
There is only ₽1,000,000 (One Million Russian Rubles) nominal value isuued.

The history of appearence.

133,870 BLOCKNOTE tokens were minted together with ₳THOMs on March 29, 2021.

₽-prototipe Name/Nominal Quantity Total value
 5000BLOCKNOTE  20 ₽100,000
2000BLOCKNOTE 50 ₽100,000
1000BLOCKNOTE 100 ₽100,000
500BLOCKNOTE 200 ₽100,000
200BLOCKNOTE 500 ₽100,000
100BLOCKNOTE 1000 ₽100,000
50BLOCKNOTE 2000 ₽100,000
10BLOCKNOTE 10,000 ₽100,000
5BLOCKNOTE 20,000 ₽100,000
1BLOCKNOTE  100,000   ₽100,000 

Provided value

Provided ₽1,000,000 value being deposited in Moscow office of

Anyone can buy BLOCKNOTEs by the international exchange rates to the date. And anyone who want to get provided value, can sent token to author and guarantied to got the ADA equivalent of BLOCKNOTE nominal in ₽ according to international exchange rates. Bank Transfer in ₽ (Russian Ruble) is also possible.

BLOCKNOTEs also being exchanged with ATHOMs, the approximate rate is 1 Quadrilion ATHOMs per 50 BLOCKNOTEs or vise-versa.


Currently a smart-contracts are being developed for BLOCKNOTEs to automatically exchange different notes between each other as well as buying BLOCKNOTEs for ₳THOMs.

In counclusion...

₽1,000,000 is the inheritance from #E0 father and the project is a way to make this inheritanace recognized.